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How to get Google Assistant on Rooted OnePlus 3T

So, You have rooted your OnePlus 3T and now want to use the "Google Assistant" that everyone is talking about. This article will help you enable the google assistant on your phone.

Requirements : Rooted OnePlus 3T running Android 6+(Marshmallow or higher)


1. Language Settings : Change your device's language to English(US) Or English(UK). To do so, navigate to Device Settings > Language & Input > Change it to English(US) Or English(UK).

2. Update Google Play Services & Google Now : Make sure your Google App is updated to the latest version. If not, just go to Google Play Store and update the Google App. Update Google Play Services to the latest version(if you don't find the option to update google play services, just continue with the next step)

3. Install Get Assistant - root : Install this helper app which will automatically edit the "build.prop" and set it up for google assistant. Open the app and choose the "New Method" button and continue to click on "Get Assistant" in the end.

4. Clear App Data and Cache : Now you need to manually wipe Google's app data and its cache. 

5. Reboot

6. Long Press Home Button : Just hold down the home button/fingerprint scanner and google assistant should pop up instantly.


Metro: Last Light Final Battle Gameplay


Call of Duty: Black OPS II Gameplay


Sharing is Caring Widget for Blogger

This particular sharing widget is brought to you by , maybe there are more such widgets, including the custom made one's, We believe the easiest way to get the sharing buttons set up and running is the best one.

It is a popular sharing widget, which helps visitors share your site/blog/pages to different social networks and services.

The widgets can be customized according to your style, 4 themes are available, two of the most eye catching variations of the sharing buttons are the "round buttons" and the "square buttons" which pop out on mouse hover.

It requires the user to register on site(free), and then you have access to "Three powerful apps to amplify your content...

Here, we only discuss the sharing buttons so, click the "Get Started" button below share buttons segment, give it a name, change the theme, you can also tweak other settings like position, layout, size etc. Once you are satisfied with the preview, let's proceed to the installation.

 When It prompts you to add a website, enter the URL and other details of your site.

After adding the site, click on "Get Setup Code" button

This will open up the code that needs to be copy/paste into the section template of your blog.

 Next, to actually install the widget placeholder, click the "get code" (middle button),

Now, copy the entire code to the individual posts pages, below the posts.

Finish! Save and refresh your page to see the change. 

Any Comments for this post?

At 15.6.14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I have been looking for this kind of stuff for my blog

At 15.6.14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rishi another well written post


At 16.6.14, Anonymous Devyani said...

Cute ;-)

At 21.6.14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you. I was looking for it


Top Online Voting Tools and Poll Creators

The voting tools are free to use on blogs and websites and no registration or signup is required, so It is fast and easy to setup. The poll creators mentioned below make it easy to customise the polling widgets to better suit your style.

Poll Maker - Free, Unlimited and Super Easy
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Pollcode : Instantly create a free poll!

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My Android Phone is Slow

Is your android device slow? well, almost everybody answered yes to that and so we will continue to modify some settings on our phone and free up some much needed space for your android device.

This method requires some basic observation and logical judgement, If you could balance them well, you could decide to disable some apps and make your android run faster. Head over to your Settings > Application Manager. Swipe left until you come to the "ALL" sub section.

Here are some of the apps that we disabled, We didn't use them and really wanted to stop them from hogging memory space. Since it is only "disabled", you can always "enable" it later, if you change you mind or if something doesn't work out.


We never really needed to print anything from our phone so we disabled the print services, similarly we disable cloud services, dropbox, some live wallpapers, ChatON, Hangouts and some google services like books, games, magazines, movies.


We don't use picasa, so we disabled Picasa Uploader, we have office suite installed so we disabled polaris office viewer and never needed samsung apps, google play store is much better.

With fewer apps running in your android device, you can expect your android to run faster and battery to run a little more than before. 



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