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BookMark Widget

This is a preview of the bookmark widget which will let you bookmark my blog at your favorite social bookmarking site(s). You can also choose the option of adding a regular bookmark. See the bookmark widget in action on my left sidebar.

Get this widget for your blog/site. Signup for a free account at and follow the detailed installation guide for DHTML bookmarking widget.



Ping blog directories for blog promotion

Once you have submitted your blog to the directories mentioned in this post( ).You can think of pinging the blog directories. While the blog directories will index your blog periodically, sometimes you would want them to index your blog soon after you publish your new content and you stay ahead of competing blogs. By manually sending "pings" you will notify the blog directories of fresh content. You can use any one of the following "pinging services":



Submit your blog to blog directories

Here is a list of blog directories and links where bloggers can submit their blogs and/or blog feed. Submitting your links to these directories will increase the overall presence of your blog, improve pagerank, bring more visitors to your blog.



How to add HTML/Scripts to blogger

Blogger users(XML LAYOUTS) can easily add HTML or JavaScript code to their blogger blogs. Here are the instructions to add HTML/Scripts to your blog :

Firstly, login to your blogger account, go to your dashboard, where you have to click the "Layout" link(beside the settings link) of your blog. make sure you are on the "page elements" sub-tab, where you can easily add and arrange page elements.

You will now add a gadget by clicking the "Add a Gadget" link

From the popup that appears, you can add many gadgets to your blog, this time we need to scroll down to the HTML/JavaScript option and click the "+" sign beside it to add it to your blog

This will open a final popup where you paste your code(HTML or JavaScript) under the "content" textarea. Give it a title on the title textbox and click the button to "save changes"



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