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Reading feeds/headlines in FireFox

If you use firefox, you probably already know that firefox is much safer than other browsers, it's also highly customizable with themes and addons. Have you used the "Live Bookmarks" feature of firefox? It's a great time saver. firefox let's you bookmark the feed of the site/blog you are visiting as a "Live Bookmark"(Provided it publishes one). Everytime you explore your bookmarks, the feed is updated and headlines are shown in a submenu.

Here's how this feature is used:
After the page is loaded, look for the "dish" icon on the statusbar.

Hovering your mouse over the icon will show you if the site/blog publishes it's feed and clicking it will prompt you to save the site as "Live Bookmark". Once you are done saving, take your mouse to the "Bookmark" menu and explore the bookmark you just added. Firefox will fetch the feed for you and you will never have to fire up your standalone/web based feed readers anymore.

Never used FireFox? There is always a first time sometime.

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Common Internet Security Tips that People Ignore

# Update your Operating System

Keep your operating system up to date, all operating systems have security related issues out of the box, these issues are then fixed by releasing the updates & patches later on, by the company. Since most of us are windows users, update your operating system at

# Update your Internet Browser

We are in a connected world and the internet browser we use is the one that connects us to the internet ( mostly! ). Not surprisingly, it's weaknesses are exploited for infecting our systems. One of the most common ways by which internet security is compromised is by using a bug-ridden internet browser. It raises serious security concerns when a malicious hacker targets a known vulnerability in the browser. It is therefore recommended that you update your browser regularly. The folks who use "Internet Explorer", can switch to light-weight and relatively secure browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox or Opera

# Avoid Installing programs from Untrusted Sources

Downloading and installing programs from torrents or websites that illegally host pirated software are also a major source of infection

# Pen Drives / External Hard Disks

It's true that most of us use the pen drive or external HDD to transfer files/movies/music etc. to other computers, which is why some specific viruses use it's autorun feature to install itself on the host computer. So, be careful when you plug your pen drive to other systems or other pen drives to your system, they can easily become virus carriers. Make sure your anti virus tool has usb drive scanning features enabled.

# Install Anti Malware Tools

As the internet safety situation gets more complex, a separate anti-spyware/malware tool is required aa layer of protection against "spy-wares",These are a few popular ones's:
Run these utilities on a regular basis to clean out the spyware junk from your system.

# Secure Password

Always use a password which is at laeast more than 6 letters, preferably with numbers and symbols, also a secure password manager is highly recommended

# Never put personal information online

Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Youtube etc. are places where anyone can look up your personal information online, sure all these sites have a privacy policy and you can choose to share your personal details with specific group of people only. being a little paranoid about online safety and not putting specific details on the internet is a safe practice to follow. 

# Install Anti-virus / Internet Security / Total Security

Install a good anti-virus package for protection against viruses. There are a few free Anti-Virus packages that offer decent security, such as

"Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 is the official Product of the Year and winner of Best System Speed. Silent security, enhanced with Firewall and Parental Control. Imperceptible. Extremely easy to use. "

If you are serious about internet security then you should consider using a commercial anti-virus package. It's difficult to recommend a single product, however I recommend the one I use, Bitdefender Internet Security.

Image courtesy of [ chanpipat ] at

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Image Hosting (ImageShack, Photobucket and more..)

Whenever you need to post an image on your blog, you will need to upload a photo to blogger directly. That however does not give you much freedom to work with the image and even renaming the image is not quite possible. It is therefore recommended to have a Image Hosting account for use with your blog. The good news is that there are many free image hosting providers that give you good features at absolutely no cost. My personal favourite is Photobucket, but below is a list of other free image hosting providers that you can use to post images on your blog. Many of them are now allowing free video hosting as well. Some of them will not require you to register with them too. ( Images + Videos ) ( Images + Videos +MP3 & more.. ) ( Images + Videos ) ( Images + Videos ) ( Images ) ( Images ) ( Images ) ( Images ) ( Images ) ( Images + Videos + Cursors ) ( Images ) ( Images ) ( Images ) ( Images + Videos + ZIP & more.. )


Installing Google Analytics in Blogger

To track your site/blog using analytics you need to have an account with Google Analytics, If you already have a Google Account you can use that username/password here or you can always sign up for a free google account. In either case you need to go to [ Opens in a New Page ]

After you login with your username/password, you will be in your dashboard area.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the link to "Add Website Profile".

On the next screen select the option to "Add a profile for a new domain".

Click continue and on the page that follows, type the URL of your blog.

The final screen will generate two tracking codes for your blog. make sure you are on "New Tracking Code(ga.js)" tab

This is the code that you need to copy/paste on your blog. We are now going to install google analyics tracking code to your blogger blog.

Go to [ Opens in a New Page ] and login with your id/password.

Once you are logged in go to your dashboard, where you have to click the "Design" "Layout"  link(beside the settings link) of your blog. make sure you are on the "page elements" sub-tab, where you can easily add and arrange page elements.

You will now add a gadget by clicking the "Add a Gadget" link

From the popup that appears, you can add many gadgets to your blog, this time we need to scroll down to the HTML/JavaScript option and click the "+" sign beside it to add it to your blog

This will open a final popup where you paste your code(your google analytics code) under the "content" textarea. I prefer not to give it a title because the code is invisible, so leave the title field blank and click the button to "save changes"



ShareThis BookMarking Widget

Another free service from offers a bookmarking widget for your blog(s). This bookmarking widget allows the visitor of your blog to bookmark your blog in any of the popular social bookmarking sites, much like the widget from ( read the post here for details ). you can also customize the widget to match the "look and feel" of your page.



Blogger Hits Counter

Officially, every blogger has it and even if you don't see it, its still there, collecting the data behind the scenes and giving the real picture to the bloggers who have the knowledge of SEO. All bloggers whether professional or not should know about Search Engine Optimization and the best way to start is to add a good hit counter(or webstats tracker) on your blog.

Google Analytics : 

[Google Analytics Screenshots]

Once you install a Hit Counter on your blog, you can get lot of useful information about your blog. like Popular Pages, Referring Pages, Keywords, Geographical location of visitors, Browser Statistics etc.

Although there are several free "Hit Counters" from which you can choose from, there are three services which are the most popular with bloggers. StatCounter, Google Analytics and Sitemeter.

[Statcounter Screenshots]

[Sitemeter Screenshots]

Here are other hit counters(free services) with our recommended
Google Analytics

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FavIcon for Bloggers

What is Favicon?

Favicon is an acronym for "Favorite Icon". Nearly all professional sites use it nowdays. As it shows up right next to the address line of the adressbar and favorites list in Internet Explorer and probably on other browsers too. If you have your pages hosted either on paid hosting or free hosting, hosting the favicon is not a problem, however if you are using a blog service, you are out of luck as all blog providers would reject the *.ico extension. This is where you need a free service provider such as

Use this smart tool to get a favicon from an image stored on your disk. you can get an animated favicon using this free favicon tool. Just follow this link and get your favicon in seconds




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