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Stop Content Thieves using Free DMCA Protection

If you are worried about your content being stolen on the web, Check out this service that might help, the free option has some limitations though, according to the homepage :

"..The DMCA .com Protection Badge guarantees that online criminals and content thieves hesitate before copying your original material. All you need to do is register and place a FREE DMCA .com Protection Badge on your website. Included in the Protection Service:

  • 1 FREE DMCA Takedown per year if your content is stolen.
  • 10% OFF all Professional Takedown services.
  • Protected page tracking through DMCA .com's secure Portal.
  • Huge selection of Protection Badges to choose from (Protection Badge catalogue).
  • Access to DMCA .com's comprehensive online Knowledge Base..."

Preview :

There are variety of choices to choose a "DMCA Protected" badge, with Wordpress and Blogger Widgets to install the badge easily.


Improved Counter Service :

All professional bloggers use a visitor/page counter service on their page. Most of us have used StatCounter for a while and now with StatCounter's improved interface, we can surely recommend our visitors to give it a try.

Here's the visitor data, which gives detailed report of visitors coming to your page.

Visual representation of the geographical area of your visitor/readers. 

Screen below shows which search engine helps to locate your site/pages better. 

 Visitor data showing, the resolution of their monitor settings

Data about the browsers your visitors are using 


Search Cool Blog Widgets

The Widgetized Kawasaki

Mr President, Mr kawasaki and other visitors have managed to find very cool widgets right here, mind paying us a visit sometime, when you are free from election campaigns and fighting the war on terror ?


She says, YOU are my friend

Funny Pictures



Free Facebook Username and Facebook Mail

If you are a Facebook user, you can get a facebook username before someone else gets it, So if you are fast, you could get a personalised facebook url with your name, which is cool. here's what our facebook url looks like What's more, you will also get a free facebookmail account, like <yourusername>

To register your facebook username, make sure you have verified your account, which is typically done by adding a mobile number and verifying the code sent to the mobile number. You will find the option to add the mobile number to your account by logging in to you facebook account and going to account settings, and on the left pane click on "mobile" link.

After you have verified you account, go to account settings, and click on the "username" link, in the input field enter your desired username and register it, if it's available.
Once you are done, go to your home page and click on the "messages" link. On the top portion of the page you will get a link to claim your free facebookmail address.




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