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IP to Location Blogger Widget

Powered by

The IP to Location widget, tries to predict the geographical location of the visitor using the IP address, the service is free and no signup is required.

There are different phrases that you can select from in their homepage, or Add the widget shown above to your blog using the button below

This service is powered by IPtoLocation, There are many free IP based services and tools for download on their site


Header Blogger Maker

We had to do this post, when we came across some nice blogs with good content but badly done header graphics, If you have some photoshop skills it could take a few minutes to make a goo header image for your blog an for the rest, here's a selection of online tools which can be used to generate free header image for your blog.

A professional header image in our opinion would have clean graphics and hopefully consist of stylized text. Here are our top choices :

#1 Xara3D Heading Maker : The widget below generates a 3D header for your blog, however we admit that choices are somewhat limited.

#2 Flaming Text : Lot's of styles and options, Do check this out.

#3 CoolText : This header logo is specially selected for ladies and female bloggers. Also has some cool fonts for use and download.


Blog - Worth, Health & Reputation Widgets

WebStatsDomain provides free analysis for your blog/website, It's interesting to look at the stats generated as it could be helpful for SEO analysis. On top of that there are many widgets that can be used on your blog,  There is even a rating given by the site for each blog/website.

Worth Widget

Worth for

Blog Health Widget

Website health for

PageRank, Alexa Rank & Blog Worth Widget pagerank,alexa rank,Competitor

Web Reputation Widget

Rating for


Christmas CountDown Widget

Here's a free widget from that counts down the date/time till the Christmas,  the widget can be customized to suit your page/blog.

Preview : 


Twitter Count (Vertical) Blogger Widget

This widget shows the twitter count in vertical style, there are quite a number of options that can be customized if you are familiar with JavaScript, and if you prefer to keep things to be simple and easy, just use the widget that we have created to add the twitter count widget to your blog.

Preview :


Daily Bible Verse Christian Widget

Daily Bible Verse is a free widget by for christian blogs and websites, It has a customizable page that can be used to customize most of the things on the widget, Down below is a preview of the widget that we were able to customize for use. You can add this widget from the Daily Bible Verse Customization Page or use the "add to blogger" button to add it to your blog quickly with default options.

Preview :


Related Posts with Thumbnail Blogger Widget

This is a very popular widget that shows related posts with thumbnails below each of your posts, this service is brought to you by All you have to do is go to their homepage and generate a blog specific code for your blog and will generate a blogger widget.

Preview of the "related posts" widget :



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